Grub Control

Traverse City and Leelanau County

White Grubs are the larva stage of the Japanese Beetle, European Chafer, and other beetles. They damage your lawn because they feed on the root system of the grass which eventually causes the grass to die.  A healthy lawn can withstand a few grubs without any damage. However, if their are too many grubs a healthy lawn can be destroyed in a short period of time.

The key to effective grub control is to limit their numbers by using a preventative grub application. The best time to put down this application in Traverse City and Leelanau County is sometime between late June and early August. This application is successful because it eliminates the grubs before they are able to feed heavily on the root system. It will not eliminate a current grub problem, but instead will prevent a problem from happening the next season. If you or your neighbors have had a previous grub problem, we recommend that you have a preventative grub application done every season.

If your lawn is already showing heavy grub damage, it is too late for a preventative application. The curative product we apply will eliminate the mature grubs so they stop feeding on the root system of your lawn. This is important because all of the damaged areas of the lawn will likely need to be reseeded because the grass will not be able to recover.

If you have a grub problem or suspect your lawn may be susceptible to grub damage, please contact us or call 231-866-1860 for a free quote.